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five) It makes us more able to be able to focus and also in order to get things done. 3) It makes us more loving. 1) It will make us a lot more compassionate. two) It will make us a lot more wise. 9) It helps us start to be a lot more centered. eight) It results in us greater control over the head of ours as well as our emotions. six) It increases the feeling of presence. four) It makes us more patient. 12) It helps us to improve the ability of ours to forgive.

7) It helps us to see the world and also the people all around us a lot more clearly. thirteen) It increases our ability to act much more wisely. 16) It helps us to overcome problems and also to find solutions. eleven) It helps us to become more loving. fifteen) It helps us to generate far better decisions. seventeen) It helps us to get along with others. 14) It helps us being much more peaceful. 10) It helps us become more connected along with the all-natural world.

18) It helps us to be much happier and more fulfilled. 23) It helps us to become more grounded. nineteen) It helps us to be a lot more ka11ka creative. 24) It helps us to make much better choices. 20) It helps us to stick to a purposeful and meaningful more life. 21) It helps us to be more ka12ka loving. 22) It helps us to be more ka13ka forgiving. Jesus often looked for a quiet area to spend time with his Father. While no individual method of prayer is preferable to others, and then we may well hone in on a certain facet of the Lords prayer at any time, probably the most respectful, modest, and effective tool starts and ends with praise and worship of God.

He would withdraw to desolate places and pray (Luke 5:16). There is almost nothing unbiblical or bitspirit.space anti-Christian about solitude, silence, and contemplative prayer as they’ve been practiced within the context of Christian history. My foray into this silent experience started out as a refuge. And so, I ventured into the hushed chambers of contemplative prayer, instructed by whispers of a yearning and ancient mystics for quietude. Life’s clamor had built a fortress around the inner peace of mine, as well as I craved its return.

It had been a whispered melody within, a resonance aligning with the greater currents of my being. It wasn’t about grand pronouncements or lightning-bolt epiphanies. In that quietude, I rediscovered the passions that have dimmed under life’s busyness, the values that whispered reality even if the world’s chorus disagreed. I tell you the truth, they have received the reward of theirs in full. But if you pray, go into the room of yours, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.


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